Summer Camp

​Zero Gravity

This camp is designed to give children opportunities to learn about many different science themes. Children will encounter themes such as crime scene investigation, biology - animals & biomes - oceanography, our solar system, and natural disasters. The goal is to have children become hands-on investigators through experiments, projects, technology & group discussions

Motor Mayhem & Sensory Overload

Do you want your child to be inspired to be an engineer, designer, programmer, and innovator? These camps are designed to engage children in learning how to program missions as well as engineering and designing robots, which gives them a competitive advantage for school, life, and college. We create a cooperative open learning environment that emphasizes creativity, exploration, problem solving, collaboration, and even friendship!

Rough Draft

Children will use their creative minds to turn ideas into writing! They will learn how to present a speech, create a dramatic play, write poems, and debate about important topics. Not only will children have the opportunity to become inspired writers, but also express their writing with artwork!

School’s Not Out

We also offer camps based on individual requirement, focused primarily on math, language arts, and vocabulary.  This is a great opportunity to use summer break to catch up on some of those math topics and improve reading.


Chess camp focuses primarily on chess skills.  We cover beginnings, endings, and tactics during our chess camp.

Summer Camp

  • Fun and educational camp
  • Experienced and fun loving teachers
  • Fun-filled indoor and outdoor activities
  • Consists of various educational workshops, including
  • Robotics, chess, science, and writing
  • Relax in a very informal setting where the students can
  • Learn educationally & socially
  • Healthy, yummy, and nutritious meals included
  • Full-Day, Half-Day, Weekly & Daily Options
  • Develop social life skills & make new friends
  • Different camp activity every week
  • Safe and Friendly atmosphere

Fridays – Pizza & Movie, outing (Weather Permitting).

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