The college prep (ACT/SAT) program at iEXCELL is designed to familiarize students with the questions covered on the test-English, Mathematics, and Reading along with writing.

  • Learn various testing strategies, understand the format and structure of the test
  • Take various mock tests to help better prepare for the exam
  • Goals are made keeping three sections in mind
    • Essential skills needed to navigate through the test
    • Specific strategies to apply the skills
    • Simplify  questions
  • Direct instruction, games, group work, homework, debate, and more.

Academic Programs

We are proud to offer

English - Reading and Writing

Strong reading skills are an important building block to learning — students build the capacity to learn independently, absorb information on a variety of topics, and enjoy reading.

  • Lessons include fiction and nonfiction readings
  • Students are immersed in vocabulary, word knowledge, comprehension, grammar skills, reading and decoding strategies
  • Classes use group discussion, technology, and direct instruction to enhance students’ language abilities
  • Various genre writing (fairy tales, poetry, formal letters, etc.) is introduced
  • Students learn to consistently use the writing process: brainstorming, organizing, editing, revising, and presenting


iEXCELL provides motivating and effective mathematics instruction by assimilating innovative curriculum with an engaging learning environment to foster appreciation and generate excitement for mathematics.

  • Classes focus on understanding mathematical concepts instead of simply memorization
  • Students are taught various strategies to help them reason and analyze mathematical concepts
  • Lessons focus on application to enhance our students’ flexible thinking skills
  • Continual building of concepts students have learned in order to practice and maintain their skills in various mathematical areas

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