Writing and Public Speaking

Writing a sentence to an essay; is an integral part of a student's educational career!!

  • Classes are based on genre writing (fairy tales, poetry, formal letters, etc.)
  • Various genres are introduced along with elements of the genres, new vocabulary terms, writing conventions, and tactics for successful writing
  • Students learn to consistently use the writing process: brainstorming, organizing, editing, revising, and presenting
  • Students also learn how to present their work effectively: correct posture, eye contact, fluency, and time control
  • Students give impromptu speeches in class to increase their mental flexibility.


The college prep (ACT/SAT) program at iEXCELL is designed to familiarize students with the questions covered on the test-English, Mathematics, and Reading along with writing.

  • Learn various testing strategies, understand the format and structure of the test
  • Take various mock tests to help better prepare for the exam
  • Goals are made keeping three sections in mind
    • Essential skills needed to navigate through the test
    • Specific strategies to apply the skills
    • Simplify  questions
  • Direct instruction, games, group work, homework, debate, and more.

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Academic Programs

We are proud to offer --

Language Arts and Reading

Strong reading skills are an important building block to learning — students build the capacity to learn independently, absorb information on a variety of topics, and enjoy reading.

  • Lessons include fiction and nonfiction readings
  • Students are immersed in vocabulary, word knowledge, comprehension, grammar skills, reading and decoding strategies
  • Classes use group discussion, technology, and direct instruction to enhance students’ language abilities


iEXCELL provides motivating and effective mathematics instruction by assimilating innovative curriculum with an engaging learning environment to foster appreciation and generate excitement for mathematics.

  • Classes focus on understanding mathematical concepts instead of simply memorization
  • Students are taught various strategies to help them reason and analyze mathematical concepts
  • Lessons focus on application to enhance our students’ flexible thinking skills
  • Continual building of concepts students have learned in order to practice and maintain their skills in various mathematical areas